Director, eCommerce

Shea Beck

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

— Einstein

Born and raised in York, Nebraska, I have Husker pride pumping through my blood lines. With a whopping 8,000 people in my town, everyone knew your dog’s name, your latest home purchase and, of course, your dirty laundry. We were very connected—whether we liked it or not—and I guess you could say the need to be constantly connected has been a part of me ever since.

When I graduated from high school, I held out to my country roots and took off to a small Nebraskan college to play baseball. Four years and several priceless moments later, I decided it was time to escape small-town life and head to the big city. And by big, I mean Cleveland, Ohio, big. It was there where I did a marketing internship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and learned more than I ever wanted to learn about the lives of NBA superstars like LeBron James. I stuck it out in Cleveland for awhile, but decided that it wasn’t for me. I soon moved out to Phoenix—my current place of residence—to begin my professional career. I dabbled in gym management, tackled the hospitality industry at Starwood Hotels and hit the road as tour manager with the Harlem Globetrotters, but I never really found my professional niche … that is until I started doing interactive marketing at a Phoenix advertising agency. You could say it was love at first click-through. Today, I am the Director of eCommerce at Sky Mall—“Everyone’s Favorite Catalogue”.

Want more personal stuff? Okay, I bob my head to country and hip-hop. I play all sports and love me some friendly competition.


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